Meet our team

A partnership with us will bring your company multiple benefits and allowyou to demonstrate a commitment to issues directly affecting your employees.

Our team

#TeamKPG is made up of over 80 individuals who go above and beyond and work hard every day to help our charity in every way, shape and form. They change people’s lives on a daily basis and help show those who are struggling, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Meet the people who make The Kaleidoscope Plus Group.

Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are a widely diverse range of people, whose purpose is to support our charity in any way possible. At The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, we aim to be as accessible and inclusive as possible and our ambassadors help us reach out to people from all walks of life, who wouldn’t necessarily come across our services and don’t currently feel able to access the mental health support that they need.

Our trustees

Our Board of Trustees are a part of #TeamKPG to set and review our direction and shape our development and growth. Each trustee brings a diverse mix of skills, backgrounds and expertise, to make up a solid board. They offer advice and guidance to help The Kaleidoscope Plus Group support as many people as possible, whilst raising awareness of the amazing services we provide.

23% of Black or Black British people will experience a common mental health problem in any given week. This compares to 17% of White British people

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