CS Kids Books

A collection of therapeutic stories for younger children, that covers tricky subjects such as bereavement, to help with their emotional literacy.

A #TeamKPG partner

CS Kids Books partnered with The Kaleidoscope Plus Group to help reach as many children as possible in a positive and helpful way.

All of Clare’s books, written from the child’s perspective, have pages of activities, and areas where the child can express themselves freely, making them a personal journal that the child can keep forever. All the techniques used within the books came from school ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants), teachers and Educational Psychologists, and are tried and tested methods.

Their fundraising efforts

All of Clare’s books that are sold through cskidsbooks.com give a generous donation to The Kaleidoscope Plus Group. Also, by using the coupon code KPG40, you will receive an additional 20% off at checkout.

Get involved!

Clare is currently looking for corporate sponsors to help her raise funds to put mental wellbeing books into schools for free, whilst also raising funds for our charity to help with the work that we do. Can you help? Contact Clare via her website.

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